2014 Oct. --New remote controller released

2021-06-25 14:55:10 admin 153

 We finished two remote controllers, RM05 and RM07. The RM05 is a hand hold type, and RM07 is wall switch style. These two remote controllers are all working at 433.92MHz and powered by a CR2032 cell battery, for regular operation, the battery can last for two years. These two remote is design for very simple operation with many our new controllers. With new smartphone controllers, user can trun on/off controller or switch between the color or dynamic mode saved in library by the smartphone app. With LED dimmer or dimmable driver, user can easily turn on/off LED or dim the brightness.

     With our patent matching method for remote controllers, RM05 and RM07 can be paired to new controllers very flexible, making the LED controlling more simple and convinient. For more information, please click here.